Soma Church
Soma Church

Who is Soma?

Welcome to Soma (Greek word for "body")...we are a missional community of Christ-followers who want to be "the hands and feet" of Jesus to our city and world. Rather than simply referring to church as a place or event, we believe that church is defined relationally as people who are following Jesus. We are also convinced that God's heart is to bring restoration to our lives and to the communities we dwell in

Missional Rythms

Every Sunday night at 5pm our church community gathers for worship. Because of the nature of our church community, where we meet and what we do varies. Our monthly rhythms are as follows:

     ~1st and 2nd Sundays @ WSBC for 
       focused dialogue around Scripture

     ~3rd Sundays @ Ike Box with other
       Salem Missional Communities

     ~4th Sundays @ WSBC for a Potluck
       Communion Meal

     ~5th Sundays @ WSBC for
       Neighborhood Prayer Walk

*"WSBC" is West Salem Baptist Church (1373 8th St. NW 97304) in the Edgewater District.



Because following Jesus is as much about the journey as it is the destination.


Contact Information


Phone: 971-720-8300


Mailing Address: 1272 Elm St. NW 

                                   Salem, OR 97304

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