Our Story
Soma really began as a vision and dream back in 2003 while Dwayne & Julie lived in Abilene, Texas. They had both grown up in the Northwest, but while in seminary at ACU, they began to experience a growing trend among college students and young adults as the "next generation" simply felt like the church was absent of spiritual meaning. People were interested in Jesus, but didn't trust church.

In September of 2004 they moved to Salem, Oregon to be a part of a church plant in south Salem in preparation for leading a church plant. In December of 2007, they were sent off with another couple to begin a new community of Christ-followers in the Edgewater District of West Salem. In partnership with the Southwest Church of Christ, Soma officially “launched” as a new church in October of 2008.

Since that time, many things have changed. Some people have moved away; others have become a part of our church community. We’ve moved locations. We’ve added different ways we love and serve the community. We’ve experienced the birth of babies and the birth of new disciples of Jesus. We’ve encountered brokenness, experienced tragedies, and gone through things that have caused us all to rely more strongly on God. But one thing has stayed the same: our desire to seek the heart of God in restoring broken lives.